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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
Discover Science with Debbie Roberts

Discover Science with Debbie Roberts

I am very excited to be involved in the launch of the Discover Science books. I can honestly say that they represent my life’s work. I am also very proud to tell you that I wrote them for you and with you in mind. These books build on the foundations put in place in primary Science. This is especially the case if the Mission Science books were used, then you will see how the Discover science books extend the use of some of the features and techniques used there.

The intention of the Discover resources is to prepare students for CSEC success. I used as many of the curricula objectives from the Caribbean when designing the books as possible. The intention was that the books could be used by all of the students in the Caribbean and they were also written to support students in preparation for the terminal CSEC examinations.

I was involved in writing the revision guides for students and as a result I was familiar with their style of exam questioning. I did review these further in preparation for authoring these books and have tried to use the same style so that students can experience and become familiar with them. When working with teachers in the Caribbean, I realised the importance of exam style questions and so we included a large section at the end of each unit and the year.

For many years I have researched and trained teachers and students in revision techniques. This led to the inclusion of the revision section at the end of each unit. Here some of the methods to support students and teachers in preparation for terminal examinations are used to review the content covered but the techniques can be used cross curricular. I am an enquiry-based learning practitioner and all of the books and resources that I have had published are developed with these learning techniques and strategies in mind. With this I wanted to allow students to absorb themselves in the content of the curricula through project-based learning. This allows and encourages students to ‘think outside the box’ and to present their ideas and findings in different ways.  This method also encourages learners to acquire a deeper level of understanding that can be recalled when needed effectively.

Project based learning can also be used remotely as part of blended learning.  The books have a fresh and modern look that will inspire and engage our students. We want them to be engrossed in their learning and to ask questions that extend their understanding even further. We encourage them to problem solve and communicate their ideas using key scientific vocabulary. We also want to inspire our future scientists by displaying how scientists work methodically and safely and how this work is used in daily life.

The objective here was also to raise the profile of science and encourage students to study beyond in future careers and education. 

Words by Debbie Roberts.

Join Debbie Roberts on Wednesday 13th October for a webinar on Discover Science. Sign up now using the links below!

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