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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Our 70th Anniversary

Macmillan Caribbean 70th Anniversary Logo

2023 marked our 70th year of publishing in the Caribbean - and what a 70 years it’s been!

When we published our first title in 1953, we did so with the intention of producing the right resources tailored to the needs of each of the 13 unique countries that make up the Caribbean.
We still hold this close today, as we continue to create comprehensive and applicable content for primary and secondary pupils, teachers and ministries.
In partnership with our authors, advisor teams and educators, our shared passion for growing knowledge has enriched the education and lives of young people across the Caribbean, creating generations of lifelong learners.

A look back at 70 years of publishing

Learn more about our journey over the last 70 years with our video.


Click the image below to find out more about our key publishing over the years. 

Macmillan Caribbean Publishing Timeline


Our agents

We asked our fantastic agents and booksellers about their memories of working with Macmillan Education Caribbean over the years.

Our logo

Macmillan Education Caribbean 70th Anniversary logo

We used the many colours of the Caribbean flags in our special edition 70th anniversary logo to demonstrate our commitment to each of the unique countries that make up the Caribbean.

See if you can spot the colours from your flag in the 0!

Get involved

Do you have any memories of Macmillan Education Caribbean? Do you remember using our resources in your school or at home? 

Get in touch at - we would love to hear from you!

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