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3 Days of Enquiry-based learning webinars with Debbie Roberts

3 Days of Enquiry-based learning webinars with Debbie Roberts

Join us for 3 days of enquiry-based learning lessons! 

At the beginning of April, we will be running 3 days of sessions where you will learn how to deliver effective enquiry-based learning lessons from our educational expert, Debbie Roberts.

Each day will cover a different topic, so you will come away with a variety of engaging lessons to teach your students. 

Debbie will share her expertise with plenty of practical tips, with time for questions and answers and a certificate for those who attend each session. 

Each webinar will run for one hour at the following Caribbean time zones - sign up now!


Day 1 - Tuesday 5 April 12.00 pm (CST) 1.00 pm (EST) 2.00 pm (AST)

The Environment – The environment and our effect on it, conserving the environment, how do environmental problems affect us? Soil degradation

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Day 2 Wednesday 6 April 12.00 pm (CST) 1.00 pm (EST) 2.00 pm (AST)

Light and sound Energy – How does light behave? How does sound behave? Noise and noise pollution

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Day 3Thursday 7 April 12.00 pm (CST) 1.00 pm (EST) 2.00 pm (AST)

Properties and uses of materials – Properties and uses of common materials, reversible and irreversible changes, states of matter.

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Can't wait until the webinars?

Take a look at our current #OnAMissionToLearn social media campaign, where we are sharing weekly 'hands on' science experiments run by Debbie made for teachers, parents, learners and educators to follow and participate in at home, all promoting enquiry-based learning, 

Check out some of our experiments below! 

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