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Say hello to the brand new Let's Pass CPEA Maths APP!

Say hello to the brand new Let's Pass CPEA Maths APP!

Macmillan Education Caribbean have recently marked an important milestone, as we announced the launch of our first ever study app, Let's Pass CPEA Maths!

The app has been adapted from our popular Let's Pass CPEA Mathematics revision title and provides a wealth of handy revision questions, supplementing the revision guide as part of the 'Let's Pass CPEA' series. 

With the CPEA exams fast approaching on the 12th and 13th May, the app provides students with an accessible way to revise. It is easy to use and is designed to make revision engaging and effective, offering bite-sized chunks of learning on the go.

The app could mean exciting things for the future of digital learning, both for Macmillan Education Caribbean and across the Caribbean as a whole.

Come on - download the app and #Let'sPassTogether!

Download here:

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