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Max Maths: Primary Maths for the Caribbean Level 1 Student's Workbook

Max Maths Making Real-World Connections is a ground-breaking new approach for primary maths in the Caribbean.

Max Maths, designed specifically to support the new OECS Learning Standards for Mathematics, focuses on developing the core skills of problem-solving, connecting, reasoning, communicating and representing.

At the heart of Max Maths - Making Real-World Connections are:

Rich mathematical experiences - each activity uses a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to learning through which pupils develop a visual and physical intuition for mathematical concepts.

Depth of understanding through a range of questioning techniques which enable students to develop skill and accuracy alongside a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Positivity towards mathematics - activities provide opportunities to explore mathematics through pattern and reasoning and in meaningful contexts. As their proficiency grows so does confidence, enabling young learners to experience and share their enjoyment in mathematics.