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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Principles of Accounts Worked Solutions for CSEC® Examinations 2012-2016

Worked Solutions is a series of invaluable revision aids for students studying for their CSEC® examinations.

Key features:

  • Five sets of 60 multiple choice, exam-style questions, together with answers and comments to aid understanding, not available anywhere else

  • Complete answers to the June examination papers from 2012 to 2016 –including explanations showing how the answers have been worked out, and what examiners look for in a great answer

  • Tips on how to revise, how to draw up a revision timetable, and how best to approach the examination on the actual day

With additional advice from experienced examiners on ways to gain extra marks (and how to avoid throwing away valuable marks!), these books have been designed to give students the best possible chance of examination success.