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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

The Sun Salutes You

When Mike drove home to Kendal after five years away he was set on one thing: to find work for himself and his truck carrying sugar cane. He got a shock. Matt Southern had a haulage business wrapped up, the whole village was in his pay and Mike was warned off fast. He wasn't standing for that, especially after he found Matt's stepdaughter, Bunny, was on his side. So it was war.

Mike found himself on a charge of arson that looked as though it would stick. He was worried, but it was when tragedy struck his family that the turning point came. Mike's blood was up. He laid his plans carefully and in a crowded courtroom on the day of his trial faced Matt Southern in the final battle of their private war.

The Sun Salutes You is Everard Palmer's third story to be set in Jamaica, and in spite of the tension inherent in the plot it shows the same gaiety and zest that characterize his pervious stories. With vivid phrases and fresh dialogue, the author brings to life the fictional characters of this Jamaican village.