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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Lower Secondary Religious Education Student's Book 3

Lower Secondary Religious Education is a three-level course that covers the six major religions in the Caribbean; Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Rastafarianism and Revivalism.

In this book, students explore the concept of stewardship – personal, corporate and environmental – and how to be a good steward in these three areas. It also explores the religious response to ethical issues such as capital punishment, scientific developments and war.

Key features:

    • Covers every topic from the point of view of the six major religions examined, enabling students to develop a balanced view and range of perspectives

    • ‘In the Caribbean’ sections provide real-life examples within the region that students will be able to relate to

    • Did you know?, What do you think? and class discussion features give students the opportunity to share their thoughts and knowledge in a structured and safe environment

  • End-of-chapter review and assessment questions not only test understanding but also stimulate analysis of topics and critical thinking