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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

The Bahamas Secondary Social Studies 3rd Edition Student's Book

This third edition of Secondary Social Studies: The Bahamas has been updated to take into account recent changes in the Bahamas. The changing political scene and the democratic heritage of The Bahamas are covered, along with the cultural advances and sporting achievements of Bahamians in the 21st Century. This well established text is an indispensable requirement for all Bahamian Social Studies students


Important features of this new edition include:

  • New full-colour design to help students engage with the content
  • Activities and exercises designed to allow students to explore topics for themselves, as well as reinforcing concepts introduced in the text
  • Opportunities for small-group work and class discussions
  • A large number of colour illustrations of the local environment and local figures, covering all of the Bahamian family islands, enhancing and supporting the text and helping students to identify with the content
  • Clear, simple language to assist students’ understanding of the topics
  • Full coverage of syllabus attainment targets, objectives, concepts and skills
  • New appendices, an expanded Reading List and an index