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Grade Six Revision Topics and Achievement Tests for Jamaica, 2nd Edition: Mathematics

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The Macmillan Grade Six Revision Topics and Achievement Tests series for Jamaica caters for Grade 6 students preparing to take their final examinations before moving up to secondary school.

The subject content combines Grades 4, 5, and 6 of the Jamaican primary curriculum covering the broad range of topics essential for examination preparation.

Key features: 

Section I

  • Contains short Introductions for students and teachers, with advice on strategies for revision, examination preparation, making the best of the examination and answering individual multiple-choice questions
  • Revision topic section provides notes covering all the main content from Grades 4, 5 and 6 usually examined
  • Offers 10 examples of multiple-choice questions and answers for each topic, where appropriate also showing the working

Section II

  • Offers a series of six ‘Open Tests’ with the same number of questions in each test as in the actual GSAT examination
  • Each test contains a mixture of questions taken from all the topics covered in the curriculum
  • These tests have no time limit and provide further revision and practise in answering the type of questions students meet in the examination. Tackling these open tests can build confidence and pin-point areas for further revision

Additional features: 

  • There are also two ‘Timed Tests’, with the same number of questions in each as the actual GSAT examination
  • The time allowed is the same as in the GSAT examination
  • These tests provide practise under timed examination conditions
  • Answers for all the exercises and tests are provided at the back of the book, along with Answer sheets for timed tests where appropriate