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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Jamaica Secondary Social Studies Grade 8 Workbook

The Social Studies for Jamaica Workbooks have been written for the ROSE Social Studies curriculum for Grades 7, 8 and 9. They cover three core themes: Living Together, Working Together and Growing Together and can provide a useful tool for assessment of learning. They follow the syllabus exactly and can be used with any of the Student's textbook courses currently available. 

The Workbooks provide a variety of activities and questions suitable for use in class and for homework, and encourage the development of thinking and research skills. Many of the activities can be carried out at a variety of levels to cater for the range of student ability and some can easily be developed into major projects for more able or interested students. The emphasis is on personal relevance and involvement.

Key Features:

  • A skills-based approach to learning

  • Stimulating and varied activities for a mixture of abilities and aptitudes, including web diagrams, information boxes, tables, gap fill, matching, word searches, drama and role play

  • Opportunities for pair and small-group work, role play, class discussions, debates, presentations, practical and creative expressive arts activities and fieldwork as well as individual exercises

  • Challenges, puzzles and multiple choice questions at the end of each unit

  • An examination-type End-of-Year Test to help with revision and examination practice