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Reggae Readers Workbook 1

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Reggae Readers is an exciting reading scheme written specifically for young Jamaican readers in the first three years of primary school.

Each book contains 30 lively stories and non-fiction pieces designed to stimulate the imagination, motivate young readers and reinforce moral values

Key features:

  • Developed in consultation with Jamaican advisors

  • Closely supports the teaching of the Integrated Curriculum objectives

  • The texts introduce, teach and develop essential reading skills through the use of controlled vocabulary and language structures

  • The audio CDs accompanying each book were recorded in Kingston and bring the text to life with music and song

The books include: 

  • Stories and non-fiction texts
  • Poems and rhymes to entertain and enjoy
  • Comprehensive word lists
  • Notes to parents on helping their children read
  • Linked comprehension and vocabulary activities for each unit