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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Integrated Science for Jamaica 3rd Edition Grade 7 Student's Book

This popular and established course has been completely revised and updated in this third edition. The three books have been written to match the aims and subject matter of the Jamaica National Curriculum at Grades 7 to 9. The books bring together the essential skills used in the study of science: observation, reporting, organisation of information, prediction, experimentation.

The books follow the six themes of the curriculum. Included within each unit are:
● simple practical experiments
● a variety of classroom activities
● review questions

The Grade 7 Student’s Book is accompanied by an Interactive CD-ROM which contains material for all six of the curriculum themes. Animations and videos bring diagrams to life and present information in a new and stimulating format. Students can then test their knowledge by attempting a variety of interactive activities and word games. A markbook and feedback for every question enhance the learning experience.

A Workbook accompanies each level of the course, offering further practice in the form of multiple choice questions, structured questions and word games.

Tania Chung-Harris, BSc Hons, DipEd, has been actively involved in science education for many years. She has taught Science in Jamaica at Calabar High School as well as in Barbados and Cayman Islands. Tania is currently pursuing studies in the field of education.

Workeley Brathwaite, Ph. D (University of the West Indies), has extensive experience in teaching science at school and university, in curriculum development and evaluation, examinations and assessment, teacher education, and education research and consultancies. He has served on various curriculum development and examination teams, including the Caribbean Examinations Council and London University.

Cover image: with thanks to the students and staff at St. Hughs School.