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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Caribbean Studies for CAPE® Examinations 2nd Edition Student's Book

This updated and revised second edition offers full coverage of the latest CAPE® Caribbean Studies syllabus and provides students with the opportunity to study issues relevant to the distinctive physical, political and socioeconomic challenges facing the Caribbean.

Throughout the text, students are encouraged to explore their own roles and responsibilities within their community and develop an appreciation for Caribbean society and culture, both past and present. .

Key features:
  • Each chapter introduces the topic and expected learning outcomes
  • Useful summaries are given throughout the text highlighting key points
  • Boxed material gives case study detail for different Caribbean countries to provoke thought and discussion
  • Activities, definitions and examples encourage analysis and understanding
  • Structured response questions, essay-style questions and practice test questions aid exam preparation
  • A research component at the end of each chapter provides guidance on how to complete a study based on the themes covered
  • Module 3 offers detailed information guiding students through the research itself, from identifying a problem to presenting, analysing and discussing findings
  • Multiple Choice questions with answer keys are included for Modules 1 & 2