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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Explore Maths for Jamaica Grade 5 Student's Book

Explore Maths: for the National Standards Curriculum has been created by leading specialists to support effective teaching practices.The series focuses on the mathematical skills children need to succeed in the 21st Century using the “5 E” approach (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, Evaluate) which supports investigating new concepts through activities and discussion topics.

Key features:
• Cross-curricular sections for each unit provide projects and activities that show mathematics in real world contexts.
• The use of technology is integrated throughout in ICT links.
• Review questions at the beginning of each unit help remind students what they need to know before learning a new topic and help teachers understand existing knowledge and monitor progress.
• Review questions at the end of each unit help to assess student progress and ability and provide opportunities for assessing areas of weakness for remedial work.
• Free-to-download Teacher’s Guides explain how to develop the activities from the Student’s Books and encourage discussion in class.
• Accompanying Workbooks can be used either at home or in school to provide opportunities for further practice.