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NEW - Religious Education, Second Edition

NEW - Religious Education, Second Edition

This brand new edition for lower secondary matches the aims, approaches and methods of the National Standards Curriculum in Jamaica.  The text has been written to specifically develop 21st Century skills development through the four major religions - Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam - and the syncretic religions that make the Caribbean religiously diverse.  

  • Students readily relate to the real-life examples from within the Caribbean
  • A key feature with specific 'did you know' and 'what do you think' sections facilitates class discussion and develops shared knowledge
  • Embedded ICT activities focus on developing communication, collaboration, creativity and critical reflection
  • Personal dictionary icons throughout the text provide students with the opportunity to reflect and develop a deeper understanding of key terms and concepts
  • End of chapter and unit assessment questions test understanding and knowledge enabling the teacher to assess where more help is needed




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