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Introducing: Let's Pass CPEA!

Introducing: Let's Pass CPEA!

Let’s Pass CPEA is the only set of books to provide revision guidance specifically for the CPEA exams, with a book for Social Studies, Mathematics, Language and Science. Detailed notes on exam preparation as well as extensive practice questions prepare students for the CPEA examination and can be used in the classroom or at home.

Each book begins with an introduction to revising for the topics and using the book. The main content is split into key topics, with each topic starting with an overview of what students need to know and end with answers and a ‘How Did You Do’ section. At the end of each book are 3 full-length exam-style papers.

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Key features:

  • The only series to offer revision and practice guides specifically for the CPEA.
  • Tailored to the new OECS learning standards.
  • Books contain practice multiple choice questions that match the format of the CPEA exams, with 3 answer options, rather than the 4 of the previous exam format.
  • Builds on tried-and-tested Let’s Pass methodology.
  • Top Tips feature throughout the texts to guide students.
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