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To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.
To purchase books, please contact your local bookseller.

Bright Sparks 2nd Edition Student's Book Kindergarten B

Bright Sparks, Second Edition is an exciting mathematics course offering varied activities to keep students motivated.

Young children learn Mathematics best when they use their senses in varied activities, experimenting and discovering. The Bright Sparks series is intended to supplement and reinforce the learning first gained through practical activities.

Key features:

  • Interactive CD-ROMs (with Student’s Books 1-6) provide multiple opportunities to reinforce skills and learning in a new, fun way

  • Scope and Sequence charts for each level provide an overview of the skills being learnt and can be used to check syllabus coverage at any stage

  • Summary notes for each unit with a multiple-choice unit test and a self-check chart provide quick reference points for teachers and promote learner independence

  • Caribbean-based word problems and visuals allow students to learn mathematics in a natural context

  • A variety of stand-out features on the page help and challenge learners, including: Remember boxes which highlight important facts or skills; Challenge boxes which push students’ learning and are ideal for quick learners; and Mathematical language boxes to develop mathematical vocabulary

  • Enrichment pages move beyond the syllabus and make connections to familiar, real-life situations