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Principles of Business for CSEC

Principles of Business for CSEC

Written for all learning levels and designed to engage students in the classroom, achieve exam success and maximise their future employment opportunities, this second edition provides complete coverage of the CXC syllabus - including full curriculum, coursework and exam support.

Key features:

  • Each unit opens with an Expert View from Caribbean business people and those in the global economic environment to inspire entrepreneurship
  • Throughout the units features such as comprehension checks and critical thinking questions helping students to apply their learning to different situations
  • Scenarios with accompanying questions ask students to apply their learning to different situations
  • Student research projects build communication and collaboration skills through student led learning
  • Each unit ends with a brain teaser puzzle or activity to consolidate learning in a visual and active way
  • Digital resources will be available online through the form of case study videos, worksheets and answers 

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