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Join our first ever bumper series of Maths webinars!

Join our first ever bumper series of Maths webinars!

Macmillan Education Caribbean is excited to announce our first ever bumper series of online Maths webinars launching this September!

Using our new maths series, Max Maths - Making Real-World Connections and Max Maths Primary: A Singapore Approach, the Maximising Maths webinars will explore how key skills like problem-solving, connecting, reasoning and communicating can help pupils to not only learn maths, but love it!

The Maximising Maths webinars are expected to explore:

  • How maths can create the foundations of real-world connections
  • How maths can build communication and critical thinking skills 
  • How to develop core maths skills in a fun and engaging way 
  • How to use tried-and-tested approaches such as the CPA and Singapore approaches
  • How to make your classroom inclusive 

The webinars will be run by educational experts Dr Tony Cotton, Andrew Jeffrey and Charlotte Rance from Monday 26th to Thursday 29th September:

Session 1: Maths Everywhere: How the Real-World Can Help You Teach Maths

Monday 26th September - 2pm BST: Sign up here 

Join maths educator, author and expert Tony Cotton as we:

  •  Explore how Maths can be taught using real-world context
  •  Learn tips and ideas for bringing the real-world into Maths classrooms 
  •  Build Maths confidence by creating enriched Maths experiences


Session 2: Maths for All: Making your Classroom Inclusive

Tuesday 27th September - 2pm BST: Sign up here

Join maths experts Tony Cotton and Andrew Jeffrey as we:

  • Explore how maths is experienced by learners from different backgrounds and abilities
  • Learn techniques to ensure all students can get the most out of your diverse classroom 


    Session 3: Enriching Maths: Exploring Wellbeing and Maths

    Wednesday 28th September - 2pm BST: Sign up here

    Join maths expert Tony Cotton as we:

  • Highlight the ways teachers can promote wellbeing in the maths classroom and beyond
    • Explore how maths can provide lifelong skills that can boost wellbeing


    Session 4: Teaching Maths Through Storytelling 

    Thursday 29th September - 2pm BST: Sign up here

    Join literacy expert Charlotte Rance and maths expert Andrew Jeffrey as we:

  • Unpack and construct effective, cross-curricular learning experiences
  • Explore how reading and stories can support elements of maths learning
  • Discover how to use combined disciplines as a tool to engage reluctant learners 

  • Save the date and don’t forget to get involved on our socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or search the hashtag #MaximisingMaths

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