30 January 2018

January 2017 saw the publication of Macmillan Caribbean’s brand-new, seven-level, primary science course Mission: Science. With real-life scientific enquiry at its heart and the use of local, practical examples and activities throughout, the course reinforces the growing view that science should be part of the larger STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) picture.

By learning in a hands-on, practical way, students gain a better understanding of key concepts and are able to apply their skills in using the scientific method to other questions and subjects. As we move away from rote learning of facts to a more skills-based student approach, critical thinking and problem-solving skills become increasingly important - and Mission: Science develops those skills in every lesson.

Mission: Science is the only science course for the region that features a Kindergarten level to enable young scientists to start their journey even earlier! Additionally, at Grade Six there are extra resources for assisting with preparation for the Common Entrance exams, and further bridging material to prepare students for the move to secondary science.

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