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Macmillan Education is a global publisher with a local presence. You'll find us operating in over 120 countries worldwide, but our global vision does not take away from our regional focus. Working locally allows us to get close to the people who matter - the students, teachers, institutions and educational authorities who use our products and with whom we've developed real and lasting relationships.

The Schools division of Macmillan Education has been publishing high-quality educational material for over 150 years. We produce and adapt printed resources and digital tools according to the needs of the students in each country and to the demands of different Ministries of Education.

Macmillan Caribbean publishes at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels in the English-speaking Caribbean to meet local and regional curricular requirements. Armed with a team of local leading authors, subject specialists and practising teachers, we’re able to produce high quality print and digital content that not only covers the syllabus, but motivates teachers and engages learners beyond the classroom.


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Access official CXC exam resources such as CSEC and CAPE past papers, syllabuses and subject reports on CXC Store.

FREE teacher’s resources including audio files, worksheets, lesson plans and more are available online here.

We’ve moved our digital library to a brand new home, so you can browse, purchase and download to your chosen device in an instant. Visit Macmillan Caribbean eBooks.


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