Electrical Installation: Principles and Practices

Published Date:
276 x 219mm
£ 16.35

Electrical Installation: Principles and Practices is intended for use on courses that train students to at least approved electrician status.

This book covers the requirements of a number of electrical installation syllabuses and courses. It covers the theoretical knowledge and the practical aspects of electrician's work.

The book explains:

  • About working in outdoor conditions

  • At heights and in awkward and confined spaces

  • How to diagnose faults on/in electrical installations, machines and appliances, and to carry out repairs

  • How to read wiring diagrams, layouts of equipment and specifications from architect's and builder's plans, and to transfer the information to the actual building.

The Motivate series: 

The Motivate series has been developed to meet the need for practical, appropriate and up-to-date technical and vocational core textbooks. The series is based on the principle that each book must be relevant to the needs of the reader, and contain all that is required for a comprehensive understanding and study of the subject area.

Each title in the series highlights the key concepts; includes illustrations, examples and exercises; features end-of-chapter summaries allowing for self-check, followed by exercises and questions; answers to the questions and a list of key words.