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A Cow Called Boy: 2nd Edition
It is the start of a new school year in Kendal, Jamaica, and Josh is determined not to be late. He s...
£ 7.65
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A History of the Turks & Caicos Islands
The Turks & Caicos Islands is an archipelago of half a dozen populated islands and numerous other is...
£ 26.15
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Act Of God
This collection of short stories marks the long-awaited sequel to Backfire, Undine and Neville ...
£ 9.15
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Anansi the Spider Man
Anansi the Spider Man is a legend told by storytellers and parents throughout the world!This edition...
£ 10.65
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Baba and Mr Big
The story, set in Jamaica like all of Everard Palmer’s stories, is funny, exciting -...
£ 8.50
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Bahamas Today, 2nd Edition
The Bahamas Today is a study of the economic and human geography of The Bahamas emphasizing the inte...
£ 12.50
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Bahamian Anthology
Bahamian Anthology is a collection of short stories, poems and sketches depicting the vivid col...
£ 11.05
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Big Doc Bitteroot
This book is rich in character and rich in atmosphere. The sun seems to generate an energy and a cap...
£ 8.50
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Birds Of The Eastern Caribbean
Birds of the Eastern Caribbean provides an up-to-date review of over 300 species to be found in the ...
£ 12.00
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Bob Marley
One of the twentieth century’s most revered cultural figures, Bob Marley was responsible for c...
£ 11.30
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Caribbean Flavors
The food of the Caribbean represents a fascinating fusion of cultures. The islands boast influences ...
£ 19.50
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Caribbean Lives: Brian Lara
The most thrilling and controversial cricketer of his generation, Brian Lara is a hero to milli...
£ 11.30
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Caring for Severely Malnourished Children
Many malnourished children still die unnecessarily due to inadequate inpatient care. This book descr...
£ 8.70
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Clinical Tuberculosis
This third edition of Crofton’s Clinical Tuberculosis has been updated and revised b...
£ 7.15
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Common Medical Problems in the Tropics
Titles covering general or specific medical conditions Specialist fields and/or medical practices in...
£ 23.35
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Curry, Callaloo & Calypso: The Real Taste of Trinidad & Tobago
Merely to thumb through the pages of this cookbook is to experience a culinary delight in itself.(Re...
£ 23.20
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Fishes of the Caribbean Reefs
This fascinating book provides the keen diver and snorkeller with an introduction to some of the mor...
£ 10.10
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Health and Disease in Developing Countries
This comprehensive book covers the issues of health from the wider perspective of development. It di...
£ 23.75
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Health Economics for Developing Countries A Practical Guide
This text is an introduction to health economics and finance for low income countries, which is easy...
£ 11.10
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Hop, Step, Jump: Gyp's Puppies
As soon as she came home from school Shari ran to Gyp’s kennel. Her eyes lit up and ...
£ 3.65
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